Helping parents find the best baby gear.
Helping parents find the best baby gear.
Forehead Thermometer Reviews
You know your child is sick.  You've felt his little head and you can just feel that he has a fever.  The question is, how high of a fever is it?  Is it a low-grade fever that you can wait out on Tylenol alone, or is it something more serious that should probably be seen by a doctor?  Like most kids, having a thermometer stuck under your tongue, held in your armpit, or inserted where?! for three minutes is not your idea of fun.  Most kids resist this, even the most noninvasive under the armpit technique.  Oh, and then there are the ear thermometers, which my son, personally, is afraid of.  (sigh) And waiting for that three minute beep can seem like an eternity when your already sick child is fighting you and your slow digital thermometer.  Then, there's always the question of accuracy.  Do I add two degrees if I take his temperature under his arm or subtract a degree if I take my baby's temperature in his bum?  I never quite know...

We recently had a pediatrician's appointment where the nurse simply scanned my son's forehead with a "non-contact infrared thermometer".  It was simple, quick, not scary (in fact my two year old daughter, who was just along for the ride, wanted it done to her!), and most importantly, accurate.  The temple thermometer had a large screen on it that stated the temperature nice and plain - and easy to read!  The screen read 100.3° and that's what the nurse wrote down.  No adding or subtracting or guessing or waiting!  I loved it! 

A forehead thermometer!  Just like Mom putting her hand on your forehead as a child, only with accurate, easy to read numbers!

When we got home, I did a little research, and voila!  That ingenious forehead temple thermometer that was used by my pediatrician is available for home use too!  There are many different types to choose from so I have listed the top rated forehead thermometers for you here.  The prices are reasonable and for me, spending the extra money on a forehead thermometer over an oral, digital thermometer was absolutely worth it.  I can check my children's temperatures easily and quickly and can even do it while they are asleep!  That is worth its weight in gold, right there!  Plus, I don't worry about spreading germs and having to disinfect the thermometer between each use because it never comes in contact with the germy patient! 

Read over the following reviews of different makes and models of forehead temple thermometers to choose the one that's right for your family.  The next time your family comes down with a cold and fever, this will definitely be a purchase you will be glad you made.    
Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer

5 stars
Exergen Forehead Thermometer
So how do forehead temple thermometers work?  The Exergen Forehead Thermometer scans the forehead area for the temporal artery.  Arterial temperature is the same temperature as the blood flowing from the heart and is the most accurate determinate of body temperature.  Accuracy while using the Exergen Thermometer is easy since it is almost impossible to miss the artery during a scan. The gentle scan across the forehead is comfortable and not objectionable. The TemporalScanner has been proven more accurate than ear thermometers by a Harvard Medical School study.

Read more about the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer here. 
FeverWatch Professional Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

5 stars
FeverWatch Forehead Thermometer
Don't be fooled by the cheesy picture!  The FeverWatch forehead thermometer is a great product!  It obtains the body temperature reading with 0.3 degree accuracy in less than one second.  Temperatures are displayed on a large back-lit LCD screen for easy reading, even in complete darkness.  This forehead thermometer scans the patient's head from 1"-4" away; since it never touches the person's body, there is no risk of contamination and no need to disinfect or change the tip.  Unlike other thermometers that only measure surface temperature, FeverWatch is clinically calibrated to convert the forehead temperature reading (external surface) into internal body temperature.  

Read more about the FeverWatch Professional Forehead Thermometer here.

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